0003 - Sandra Silvers brings me to a bondage orgasm

14:59 video

Sandra Delivers Bondage Orgasms to Spread-Eagled British Bird, Salena Kent!
One of my favorite things about visiting Europe is that I get to play with Salena! She’s super-sweet, curvy in all the right places and has a PERFECT R.P. (Received Pronunciation) accent.  I could happily listen to her talk about any subject for as long as she wants. And when we get together, that subject is “getting tied  up”! Well, last time we got together I found out that even her sounds of pleasure are in RP! So, there we were on the top floor of the tallest hotel in Cardiff, Wales,  decked out in our tight girdles, garters (suspenders in the UK) and stockings and I had just finished tying Salena spread-eagle to the bed, ass up (arse up ;-)  I started by giving her a nice back rub, followed by an all over exploration of her body and legs. She starts to moan with agreement and acceptance and that’s when I get the Hitachi.  I place the buzzing wand on her soft, warm pussy and her reaction is immediate.  The gasps start to get louder so I clamp my free hand over her mouth.  Her accented “mmmphhhs” are intoxicating.  I kiss and lick her neck, and want to touch her more.  I remove my hand from her mouth and quickly replace it with a knotted silk scarf.  Now both of my hands are free to bring her to a beautiful, bucking bound-orgasm!

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