0068 - Holiday hogties and bondage orgasms with Sandra Silvers

10:17 video

Lesbian Lovers on Holiday Left to Endure Hogtied Bondage Orgasms! Kissing! Girdles!
Sandra & Salena had a day off from their business convention in Orlando. Not wanting to fight the tourists, they decided a day in together would do them both some good. The problem is that they didn’t inform the burglar that was casing the hotel and cleaning out the rooms of convention attendees.  When he found them together in their vintage shapewear, stocking and garters, he knew he had to do something to keep them from alerting the cops too soon! The MILF Ladyboss and her sexy secretary are hogtied face-to-face on the bed, vibrators nestled against their clits. At first they are Ballgagged and blindfolded. Moaning and screaming into their gag, the gals happily endure being robbed.  This, however, is a kind burglar.  Before he leaves, he removes their gags Quickly their lips meet followed by the ladies tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths.  Their plan worked out perfectly!

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