0008 - Gagged and hogtied in our London flat!

Damsel in Distress Trio Get Gagged On Screen & Tethered Together in their London Flat!
Sandra, Ruth and Salena were on holiday staying at their boss's posh London townhouse. What they didn't know is that a notorious burglar had been casing the place to rob. What the burglar didn't know is that when he broke in, there would be a bevy of beautiful birds between him and his ill-gotten goods!  But he's a pro, and knows how to handle these kinds of situations.  The lovely ladies have been stripped down to only their tights/pantyhose and tightly trussed on the sofa. Their struggles are vigorous, but they are still al tad noisy, with only a cleave gag muffling their cries.  He returns with vet wrap to seal their mouths shut and their screams in. After retrieving more rope, he ties all of their ankles together to prevent them from struggling too far, or off the sectional. The cleaning lady comes every couple of days, so the tightly trussed trio will be freed...eventually.

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